The Hype Machine, Best Mashup of Mashup Camp 3

Here in Boston at Mashup Camp 3, we’ve seen an incredible range of applications mashed up from sites and services on the web. During three total hours of SpeedGeeking, Mashup Camp attendees spent five minutes a piece viewing demos and asking questions of mashup developers. Then each attendee votes for his or her favorite mashup with a wooden nickel.
We saw mashups going way beyond basic integration with Google Maps to include MySpace integration, hardware hacks, and voice-enabled applications. Early buzz focused on OpenKapow, The Hype Machine, and Gigul8tor by Eventful. And of course everybody loved GBlinker: a Google pin wired up to a serial port so it flashes when email comes in.
OpenKapow offers a platform for creating web-based APIs, feeds, and HTML snippets from any website, taking mashup possibilities way beyond the 300+ APIs offered on ProgrammableWeb.
The Hype Machine combines blog posts from a set of curated music blogs with Amazon sales data and upcoming events. It includes an amazing hacked integration with iTunes that takes you right from the web page to the track you’re interested in. If you prefer buying through Amazon, The Hype Machine figures out what CD page to display.
Gigul8tor provides a data entry page aimed at bands where they can enter information about upcoming gigs and venues. Gigul8tor displays a list of possible locations depending on the venue engine and enters event information right into Eventful in an interface designed just for bands. It shows how different user interfaces could be built in front of Eventful with mashup techniques.
And the winner of Best Mashup and a laptop donated by Intel is… The Hype Machine by Anthony Volodkin. Second place is also a music-related mashup: tourfilter. Is 2007 the year of the music mashup?