Greystripe Signs 6 New Publishers

Ever been somewhere that just completely bored you, like a doctor’s office or stuck in submarine with a madman, and wished that you had some cool games on your cell phone? My phone came with a crappy Bride of Dracula game and I STILL play it in the DMV. Thankfully, we now have more free cell phone games for download thanks to Greystripe.
Greystripe, a distributor of cell phone games, has added 6 new publishers to its lineup. The special thing about Greystripe is that they distribute games, via an ad-supported revenue model, for free. AdWRAP, an ad delivery system that works with Java-based programs, doesn’t require any additional work by publishers, which adds to its desirability. Founder and CEO of Kiloo, Jacob Moller, had this to say about working with Greystripe:
“We are excited to distribute our games through GameJump and its partner portals such as myGamma. We believe in the model of ad-supported mobile games, which Greystripe is proving out via its developer-less integration and worldwide distribution.”
Other than Kiloo, Mobility Zone, JavArt, LunaGames, Soul Biz Entertainment and Cheeky also signed deals.