Johnny can’t write, but will do video

Put this in the category – VCs say the strangest things. Tim Draper, doesn’t believe much there is much of a future for the fine art of writing amongst kids.
Tim DraperDuring his opening keynote at Wharton Private Equity Conference, he argued that writing became popular because it allowed people to communicate without much physical contact. He thinks video is the next big thing.

video is beginning to become more convenient among younger people. Once it also can become more commonly accessible (i.e., affordable, mobile, etc.), it could become the communication medium of choice. As an example, Draper mentioned that his son recently was asked to write 1,000 words or less on why he should be accepted into a certain film school. But Draper’s son didn’t write a thing: He just pasted in a picture. Exactly 1,000 words.

It is rather strange Draper is talking about video, even though he recently invested a whole lot of money in Meebo, a web-based IM service, that is well “writing based.” Or perhaps he is trying to prop up his underwhelming Revver investment.
Paul Kedrosky in response to the post on PE Hub writes:

Teens are almost certainly doing more writing today than they were twenty years ago, not less. When you add up SMS, email, and chat, the total more than compensates for any supposed contraction in essay-writing, or the like. If anything, the written language is growing and more dynamic than ever, largely because of the written contribution of the sub-21 set. Sorry Tim.