Bushisms on Demand: SotU Online

The U.S. President’s State of the Union address is always a television event, with multiple networks broadcasting live and much of the world watching. C-Span’s live feed is where I’ve been catching George W. Bush’s act evolve over the last few years. But they’re slow to update their their archives (though looking at past speeches can be fun). You can find the video at at the White House site and news sites like MSNBC, however.
20070123-2_v012307db-0202w.jpgThis year, though, you don’t have to be the appointed representative of the opposition party like Senator Jim Webb to offer your video rebuttal. Plenty of folks have already posted responses to YouTube, and Talking Points Memo has even set up a group to collect those from its readers. Looking for sound bites from the speech to punch up your points? Pluggd has a neat tool to search the text transcript which returns the corresponding audio clips.