Searching for EV-DO Rev. A

Aircard_595Today I am on a mission for faster EV-DO.  Not that the EV-DO I have been enjoying for a couple of years is not fast enough but we all know that in all things Internet the faster the better.  Verizon has been quietly rolling out the latest generation of EV-DO, Rev. A, which offers faster upload and download speeds.  The updated PC Card modem, the AirCard 595 has been available on Verizon’s web site since late last year and I received inside information from Verizon at that time that they would be rolling out the upgraded Rev. A service in just a few weeks.  I’ve been tied up since the first of the year due to a heavy work load and attending the CES for a week but it’s time now for my quest.  I intend to hit a Verizon store between meetings today and pick up the upgraded modem which I believe I should be able to get for $149.  Once I have the new modem I’ll see if I can get Rev. A speeds in various locations.  I will of course report my findings for our readers who live in Houston.  The reason I am doing this is based on my past experience with Verizon when they first rolled out EV-DO (BroadbandAccess) in Houston.  I had been anxiously waiting for word from Verizon that EV-DO service had been rolled out and that word never came.  I happened to stop in a Verizon store and found out that the service had rolled out a few weeks before, leaving me ticked off that they wouldn’t spread the word far and wide that such an improved service was now available in Houston.  I figure if they didn’t announce it loud and clear back then they probably won’t make a big announcement over an incremental upgrade like Rev. A.  Wish me luck.