EVDOMaps.com: Google map of user-reported EV-DO coverage and speeds


I was doing some digging to see where Verizon might have quietly launched EV-DO Rev. A coverage and came across a site too good not to share. EVDOMaps.com is Google Maps mash that allows people to report EV-DO coverage and throughput speeds for their location. The map isn’t limited to Verizon; it’s meant for Sprint users to report in as well. You’ll see reports on 1xRTT, EV-DO Rev 0. and EV-DO Rev A coverage all across the United States.

Currently, you’ll find 182 reports (as of this writing), so there’s plenty of geography to "chart" here; don’t hesitate to add value to the map by reporting on your own coverage and speed tests. The more user-based reports, the more useful this free site can be!