AOL Lays Off 15-20 In PR Re-Org; Ripple Effects From Falco-Grant Changes

In the most recent ripple effect from the restructuring that followed the arrival of Randy Falco as chairman and CEO and Ron Grant as president and COO, 15-20 public relations staffers have been laid off, the small Los Angeles office closed and the remaining 40 or so re-organized into three clusters. Tricia Primrose, promoted by Falco to head corporate communications, explained that the move, which she says was the first restructuring of the department in nearly five years, was done to more closely track the changes made last month. Citing privacy concerns, Primrose would not provide the number of actual layoffs or those who lost their jobs; we’ve been able to confirm that Ruth Sarfaty, VP-communications, was the senior staffer affected. Operations will be more focused on the New York and Dulles offices although some staffers will continue to work in other locations.
— The LA office only had two staffers; various AOL initiatives with an LA bent — Network Live, Music Now among them — have gone by the wayside.
— The three clusters are a “practice” group responsible for promoting products, programming and platforms headed by AOL vet Anne Bentley; corporate communications headed by Andrew Weinstein; and internal communications.
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