Jajah dreams of a 2007 IPO

Jajah, the Austrian VoIP-based call back service dreams of an initial public offering in 2007, according to Brand Eins, a German business magazine. The company has the backing of Sequoia Capital and has 60 employees, half of them in Israel. The company claims that it is generating about €7 per month per subscriber in revenues.
jajah_logo_thumbnail.gifSince it is hard to tell how many paying customers they have, it is tough to say how much exactly is the company taking in every month. The company recently changed its strategy and started offering ad-supported free calling in Europe. The move is controversial, and has been the cause of much debate.
Like other VoIP service providers, Jajah is also working on its own handset, hoping to decrease their reliance on the PC. They also have a client for Symbian mobiles, and they plan to enhance it with additional features.