Windows Vista Launches This Week. Are You On Board?

After what feels like years…okay it was years, the Microsoft Windows Vista operating system is finally launching to the public on Tuesday.
In a typical office environment, there’s usually an “IT guy” who is thinking about whether it’s the right move for the company’s computers to upgrade. As web workers, we’re on our own to read the thousands of articles and reviews and decide whether it’s worth the downtime for all the backing up and reconfiguring necessary in an operating system upgrade. We also have to figure out whether our current hardware can handle it. Some even say the best way to upgrade to Vista is to buy a new PC with it preinstalled.
If after reading all those articles and checking your hardware you’re still not sure, there’s always the Windows Vista Test Drive.
Personally, I run Windows inside of Parallels on my MacBook Pro so I’m not in any rush to upgrade from Windows XP Home. While I’ve always upgraded to the latest Mac OS X version quickly, I’ll take my time on this one.
Are you the early adopter type when it comes to operating system upgrades? Do you think Vista will be a success out of the gate, or will Vista only be widely adopted as folks replace their computers and have no other choice?