DEMO 2007 Live

update#6: Hey folks, we live-blogged the first day DEMO sessions to give you guys a taste of the events, and then followed up that coverage with some more focused stories. Live-blogging on the first day was a little experiment, and we’re trying to gage how interesting that kind of coverage is to our readers. Any thoughts? Do you like the pace and scope of live-blogging conventions? Basically is it worth our efforts?
update #5: So these are the last of the 15 presenters this morning. Hits: Zink, Apollo. Misses: QTech, Eyejot. Check all of em out below, or read some of our previous coverage: DARTdevices, Whisher, Devicescape, video widgets, and the preview post.

Serendipity, WorkLight: is an ‘enterprise 2.0’ style server-based software product — share business data over secure RSS reader, widgets, AJAX, and social book marks. Share business data over
Symantec — Shows off Norton identity client — manages user’s online credentials, and helps users determine if sites are suspect or not. Their response to McAfee’s site advisor.
Jaman — The site is a way to watch ‘world cinema’ online — all those foreign flicks that don’t come to your local theater. We profiled the company last year, and they say they have over 1,000 films under contract and 200 films live on the site – $1.99 to rent, $4.99 to buy. The CEO shows off new social features like an in-movie commentary and dicussion window and social searching.
Total Immersion — After some technical difficulty, they finally got their 3D augmeted reality demo to work. A 3D avatar jumps out of the presenters shirt after its streamed onscreen. The presenter says they are working with Alcatel Lucent on 3D immersion for wireless devices.
update #4: Adobe’s Apollo. Shows off an application being built for Apollo by eBay, ‘eBay Desktop’. Presenter looks for Wii over eBay desktop application. Drag and drop auctions into “watch” list, sort by price, and can pull data into spreadsheet on desktop. Pulls network connection, can work offline, and seamlessly start service when reconnected. Creates an auction, selling an Shipley-autographed Apollo shirt — right, that’ll get a lot of bids. Says plan to ship a developer release of the product in the next couple of months.
Mission Research — Presenter is full of the cheesy web quips: “Hosted applications are so 1999.” Intros SalesWorks, a combo desktop and web-based service for managing sales and customer management donation and fundraising.
Ceelox — Scram product, embedding private messages into images. My seatmate says spammers do something similar to this — spam messages are sometimes sent in image files so that antispam products don’t detect them.
update#3: 6th Sense Analystics — It’s hard to wow the audience with some of the enterprise services like this one. The software as a service is supposed to improve a company’s software development. They put out a release this morning that says they raised $5 million in a series A round led by Core Capital.
Eyejot — video messaging. You can watch video messaging in email, online, or on device like an iPod. Hmm, not really seeing why this is so innovative.
Honeypitch, Thunk Inc — The obligatory don-a-wig to get some laughs presentation. Service for managing pitch ideas.
Wyse — Thin client computing guys hoping some DEMO buzz will rub off on them.
QTech — “We build tools to help you remember.” I’m not really feeling its voice-based info recall service.
Zink — Stands for zero ink printing. The mobile printer uses nifty Zink paper with embedded dye chrystals. “Printing in the moment is now possible.” Good idea for camera phones. — Online shipping services for the small business owner — $30 per month, and has a free trial offer.
update#2: Kaufman Innovation Network, Ibridge Network — finding the missing link in research through a university network.
update#1: Chris Shipley gives her morning kick-off welcome address, and talks up the 68 companies, “the class of DEMO 07 is a reflection of today‚Äôs market place.” Shipley says this year’s DEMO is about “the empowered individual,” — which could be one of the most undescriptive themes I’ve heard.
OK, so its not Macworld, but we decided to do some live blogging throughout the DEMO day, starting with the first few-minute pitches from fifteen startups. The Wi-Fi will likely break soon, but hopefully our trusty EVDO card will carry us through. I know DEMO is partly about startups finding venture funding, but seriously there’s way too many VCs here.