Giveaway Wednesday: FON Wi-Fi routers, Joost and some Babelgum

Update#2: Folks, we are all done with Babelgum and Joost invites. I am working to get all of you who have already listed their email addresses the invites. Since I have to do it one email at a time, please bear with me. It might take nearly 2 days to get all the emails and invites out.
We have shut down the comments as well, and also, no point sending us emails because there are no invites left. I am going to try and get more invites or a special program going with the companies. Up until then, please accept my apologies, and thank you for your kind responses and generous support. The FON Wi-Fi routers are still available for taking.
Update: Apologies for thinking it is Thursday. Apparently, there is two more working days, which kinda sucks. Clearly I have a bad hangover. Also, please slow down on the Joost requests. I have run out of invites. Waiting to get more invites.
Think of today as a reader appreciation day. For absolutely no reason we are giving away stuff today. We don’t want anything in exchange – no emails, no user information… nothing. Just your continued support and suggestions and of course your love. So what’s on the menu?

  1. 15 invites to ultra cool Babelgum, a P2P service folks at NewTeeVee simply love.
  2. 150 invites to Joost, aka The Venice Project. We convinced the company that our readers are the very best in the world to tinker around with their beta software.
  3. 1500 FON wifi routers, for free, which means no shipping also. Not a dime, dinero….nada. This is the fastest way to get around their “invite only” promotional strategy. All you have to do is click on this page and let them know where the device needs to be shipped. Usual disclaimers apply.

So how do you get in on the action? For Babelgum and Joost, just leave your email address and we will send an invite. You get to pick one of the two, and it is first come first get basis. For FON just visit this special promotions page.
All right guys, see ya soon.
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