Protecting That PDA

The odds are pretty good that as a web worker you carry a PDA (or BlackBerry or iPod or some other small piece of expensive electronics). After the first few times of having it fall out of your shirt pocket or get scratched by your keys, you’ll realize that some sort of case is necessary. While there’s no shortage of choices (a Google search turns up tens of thousands of products in this category), the vast majority tend towards “stylish” in their design. There’s nothing wrong with style, but it may not be what you want if you’re the more active sort.
Two other products can help offer some protection for your electronics while simultaneously working in more industrial settings. If you’re the sort who routinely carries a multi-tool and a screwdriver as well as the PDA, try Duluth Trading’s Hold Everything Phone and Tool Pouch. It’s marketed for cel phones, but I’ve found that Duluth’s pouches are easily stretchy enough for the average PDA; I’m using one now for my own PocketPC. They offer good scratch protection and are reasonably priced. A good bet if you go in for the whole “Tim the Tool Man” personal esthetic.
If you need to take your high-end toys into more hazardous environments, it’s time to turn to Otterbox, makers of “rugged protection” for small electronics. Their most recently announced product is a mil-spec BlackBerry case, but they can also provide practically indestructible protection for your PDA, GPS, iPod, or even Tablet PC for that matter. Their products aren’t cheap (a waterproof and drop protecting Palm Treo case that lets you use all the functions through the case will set you back $129.95) but sometimes you need the sturdiest you can find – or the bragging rights.