Zink, DEMO Fav So Far

Zink Imaging, the inkless mobile printing company, is the unofficial DEMO favorite so far. Everyone I’ve talked to on the floor says Zink stole the morning show. The Massachusetts-based startup, is creating an ecosystem for new types of devices — mobile printers — with an idea that everyone can understand — print your photos on the go. That makes it an obvious crowd pleaser here.

We stopped by the Zink booth to check out the products after the demo. A mobile printer for $99 that connects to devices via USB or bluetooth, and a camera with an embedded printer for $199. The printing/heating process turns on the colors on the special Zink paper — they keep calling the process ‘like magic,’ but the technology is based on embedded dye crystals in the paper itself.

The devices won’t be available until the end of the year, and will be sold through “brand partners.” I don’t want to wait that long. The devices remind me of my old Polaroid izone cameras that print little sticky photos — except much, much better. The comparison is interesting too, because the company has a lot of DNA from Polaroid.