Microsoft not skipping out on Zune skipping problem

Zune_balance_main_1I originally had some skipping problems in my Zune, but the issue seems to have left either after the Zune firmware upgrade or my move to XP. Too bad the videos don’t skip…who IS that guy on my Zune? In any case, some folks are still experiencing it and I can tell you firsthand: it’s quite annoying. When it happens, the audio skips around the 3rd or 4th second of practically every song.

Looks like the feedback arrived at the Microsoft Zune team because Zune Thoughts found a post indicating that the team is working on it. There’s no details on what might be causing the issue; owner guesses range from DRM to fragmented disks. I’m in the DRM camp on this one because I’ve had it happen with very little music on the disk and right after I initialized the Zune for use. Let’s hope we see a firmware upgrade to fix the issue. Hey, if they want to throw in some extras like extended WiFi capabilities, we’ll take that too!