WSJ Helps Launch New Business Paper In India; Its International Plans

In India, one of the biggest newspaper companies Hindustan Times has launched a new English-language business newspaper, the fourth fifth (thanks Kaps!) national business paper there. The paper, called Mint, is being launched in a joint venture with Wall Street Journal, and with some more WSJ connections: Raju Narisetti, the former editor of WSJ Europe, is the editor of the newspaper.
It launched in Delhi and Mumbai with an initial circulation of around 80,000 copies, and the daily will also carry four pages of WSJ-branded international business news and analysis. The newspaper’s online site,, also went live today. Some more details in the release.
In related story in Guardian, WSJ publisher Gordon Crovitz talked about the company’s international plans. He said that the company would be interested in buying the Financial Times should its owner Pearson ever put it up for sale.
On European pullback from print, he said there would be no retrenchment. But, “One question we are considering this year is, is there an opportunity in local markets in Europe and Asia to create locally oriented versions of the online journal,” he told the Guardian.