Random outages hitting Google

Update: For most of the morning we have been getting random emails, tips and phone calls about various and seemingly random outages at Google. The services most affected are Google Analytics and Google Finance. There have been quite a few people who have been impacted by this outage it seems. A few weeks ago random outages had impacted a few GMail users, not for the first time. We have pinged Google PR and will keep you posted as soon as we hear from them.

PS: By now you must have read all about YouTube being asked to take down Viacom videos from their service. If not, you can get the complete lowdown at NewTeeVee.com

Folks from Google got in touch with us, and let us know that

There is a temporary reporting delay within your Google Analytics accounts due to system maintenance. You are still able to log in to accounts and please note that no data will be lost – data will continue to be collected and processed during this time. We expect Google Analytics account data to be fully updated and displayed within your reports before the end of the day. We apologize for any inconvenience this delay in reporting has caused.

Further on issues about Google Finance:

With regard to Google Finance we are aware that a number of users had trouble accessing the service for a couple of hours this morning. The issue has now been resolved and the service is operating normally.