Super Bowl Ad Roundup: comScore Survey; Pizza Hut; TiVo; Akamai; Masterfoods; AOL

A few items of interest as the Super Bowl of advertising approaches:

A comScore survey found that 27 percent of people who plan to watch the game said they thought the consumer generated commercials would be more entertaining than the professionally-produced commercials would be (compared to 13 percent who expected professional creative to be superior).

Pizza Hut is launching a text-messaging promotion called the Cheesy Hunt using TV ads just before the kickoff at Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Six Web sites, including Meebo, Technorati and Plaxo, have made ads and posted them on YouTube with the aim of starting a viral campaign and challenging the expensive advertising blitz set for the upcoming weekend.

For the fifth consecutive year, TiVo will once again measure how much TiVo users pause, rewind, fast-forward and even just sit back and simply watch the action during the Super Bowl.

Content delivery network Akamai Technologies posted its annual Akamai Net Usage Index for Advertising and will show total visitors per minute to a collection of advertisers