Yahoo tests Local mashups

It was only on Tuesday, Yahoo was busy talking about their media mash-ups and brand initiatives. Apparently, its not just brand-focused mash-ups. (Yahoo Developer Network has an interesting back story on this mash-up.)
They are apparently taking similar approach to other verticals as well. A reader tipped us off about these new local city mash-ups Yahoo is currently beta testing in Bangalore and New Delhi. The product is called OurCity.

Pretty nifty mash-ups to boot: taking bookmarks from, events from Upcoming, Flickr photos, News and even blogs. Flickr modules are seriously hot. They are taking data from Wikipedia and adding it to the mix. Missing: Yahoo Maps! Pretty easy to get a quick snapshot of what’s happening in a city. If they can roll this out across the world, I think they easily best Google’s local efforts.

Photos below the fold.



Hat Tip, TGN