R400 video in the wild- Jon Dee & Hugo Ortega geek out

I have been corresponding with Aussie Jon Dee for several years.  Jon is the founder of Planet Ark, a non-profit organization based in Australia that deals with environmental issues.  What a lot of people don’t know about Jon is that he is a total geek and he and I have been corresponding about Tablet PCs for a very long time.  Jon is a very interesting individual and I was wondering when he would hook up with uber-Tablet geek Hugo Ortega since they are both based in Oz.


Jon has in his possession the new Toshiba R400 Tablet PC and he sat down with Hugo to have a Tablet love-fest and as one would expect Hugo captured it on video and is sharing it with everyone.  Check out the video, you won’t be disappointed, you get to see two interesting people and one of the hottest new Tablet PCs around.  Well done, mates.