Daily tech videos: techCHECKdaily

Tech_check_dailyJust got off the e-mail horn with an old blast from my past: Randall Bennett. You may not know Randall, but you know his work. He was the man behind the camera for the Engadget CES videos: while Peter gets the face time, Randall’s the man that makes the magic happen. Turns out Randall wants a little face time too, so he started a daily videoblog called techCHECKdaily. I give him credit as I only have a face for podcasting. 😉

I’ve watched a few of the streaming videos and Randall gives the daily tech stories a newsy look and feel along with a splash of original thought and commentary. None of the videos I’ve watched were more than a few minutes long, so if you need that daily video tech news sprinkled with a dash of editorial, this might be of interest.

Randall has some great plans and enhancements for techCHECKdaily (which I can’t divulge just now) so stay tuned to his effort via RSS; I’m certain you’ll see a good thing get better!