Jobster Gets a Facebook Lift

We’ve followed the layoffs, rumored Facebook deal, and venture funding of Seattle’s well-funded (some would say over-funded) online job search startup Jobster. Now Jobster CEO Jason Goldberg says the 3-year-old company is launching a new site on Thursday, which will start offering free, unlimited job postings. At the same time Jobster is officially announcing its deal with Facebook.

The free posting offer is significant as the company made much of its revenue off of selling premium web-based tools to companies to help them manage the process of finding workers. Now the company will depend on getting its free users to upgrade to its premium services, and will focus on building up the audience for the site — Goldberg says the site brought in 1 million unique visitors in January.

Goldberg says the free posting plan makes Craigslist a near-term competitive target and places CareerBuilder and Monster as longer term targets. Good luck with those competitors.

Earlier this year the company cut its staff down to 85 employees from a staff of 145. Goldberg says those jobs were part of the divisions that the company is no longer concentrating on, like recruitment consulting and phone sales support.

The plan all sounds a little too easy – make it free and you’ll make more money? Though Facebook for one, seems to believe in the direction. Goldberg says Jobster will be the exclusive job site to work with Facebook, and the service is tentatively being called ‘Career Center.’ While most of the Jobster/Facebook deal will happen in the Spring, Jobster is adding a ‘share on Facebook’ button on Thursday that will pull in aspects of the Jobster profile onto your Facebook page.