Asian Mobile Game Market More Than Just Movie Tie-ins

The mobile game market is completely overrun by movie properties. In fact, the most popular games are almost always related to a product endorsement. Because the market is made up of non-gamers, it seems that people usually prefer to pick something they’ve heard of. However, in Asia, that may be changing.

Acme Mobile, a mobile phone game distributor for Southeast Asia, has released its top 10 games of January, and in the list are a few console and PC titles. Among the top 10 are Age of Empires II Deluxe, Juiced Eliminator and Company of Heroes. Age of Empires II Deluxe was actually the number one mobile game for Acme in January followed by Eragon: Dragon Rider in second place. According to Mobile Industry, Paul Meyers, CEO of Acme Mobile, noted that movie tie-ins and puzzle games are still dominant:

January again saw the strength of branded titles, such as the movie-related Eragon. Puzzle titles also continue to show strength, pointing towards a large casual gaming audience as well.

Sales for THQ’s Company of Heroes have been impressive this year and Microsoft’s Age of Empires titles have always been strong on the PC, so maybe some of the more popular titles will be able to penetrate the mobile market. Though a majority of the money may go to branded properties and puzzle games, it’s possible that we’ll start to see a shift in development that would allow for more original titles on the backs of the more established.