Et Tu Yahoo Mail?

A few weeks ago we lamented the growing number of outages at various Google services including the GMail service that caused maximum distress to some of their users. Well, it seems like same outage afflictions are impacting Yahoo Mail service as well. A reader tipped us off, lamenting that it had been 72 hours since he had been able to get his email.

“Many Yahoo Mail users have received no email since Friday 2/9. Can still send, but basically are cut off for receiving,” he wrote in. We could make some snarky remarks about Clogged Pipes but this is a rather serious problem for a growing number of folks.

Check out this ever growing thread of complaints on Yahoo Answers, which doesn’t have any answers for those who are left in the lurch. There is an online petition complaining about this, and nearly 26 people have signed this petition.

We are also appalled that one of the only way that seemingly exists to discuss this problem with Yahoo! is to pay $29.99 for a “express help” package which they offer. We refuse to pay a provider to get support for a problem that they are causing!