ALK announces Co-Pilot Live 7

Copilot_liveALK used the 3GSM show as a platform to announce Windows Mobile 6 support for their Co-Pilot Live GPS products. The newest version, CoPilot Live 7 will show up this spring and will support Windows Mobile 5 devices as well as those on the new operating system. Highlights of the new version include:

• Simple to use, dedicated GPS navigation performance for mobile phones
• Brand customizable for Mobile Operators, OEMs and handset manufacturers
• Improved routing, redesigned colourful 2D/3D maps and natural text-to-speech voice directions in 13 languages.
• Downloadable, community-sharable voices, routes and map styles via CoPilot® Central™
• Significant map data updates to over 600 counties in the North America
• New walking and cycling guidance modes and speed limit alerts
• Real-time mobile data services include location tracking which includes the ability to send your locations to other users via SMS or MMS
• Real-time Traffic Enabled Nationwide