Roundup: Peer-to-Peer News Packets

If it wasn’t over already, it’s now even over-er for AACS encryption, now that the keys to decrypt any and all HD DVD and Blu-Ray discs has been discovered and made public. [Engadget]

oscar2.jpgHaven’t been able to catch up on all the movies nominated for Oscars this year? The Pirate Bay comes through with a torrent index and voting system, Oscartorrents. [Oscartorrents]

The Pirate Bay also gets written up in a six-page Vanity Fair feature on piracy. Man, would I love to see them show up at the award show afterparty thrown by Conde Nast every year. [Vanity Fair]

Watch the shows you want, when you want, for free, no torrent client needed at TV Links. As ByTorr points out, can’t imagine this will be up for long. [ByTorr]

While everyone awaits the new release of the BitTorrent content portal, Azureus has expanded its offerings on Zudeo to include media from cable network Starz. [release]