View Xbox Live friends on your Mac

Podcatcher At the risk of becoming publicly stoned by both the Mac and Windows clans (aka: the "Vistafields and the MacCoys"), I had to share this little application I saw written up at TUAW. For anyone not familiar with Microsoft’s XBox Live feature, it really has become quite the social community. Xbox Live is the centralized hub for your gamer friends, text & voice messages, co-op play and more. Honestly, it’s very well done.

Your Xbox Live account data is already extended to the web (shown): if folks have your gamertag and you opt to open up your profile, they can log in to the Xbox Live web site and see what you’re playing, view your game achievements, send a text message and more. James Howard figures there must a be a handful of Mac owners that also have an Xbox Live account, so he started development on MacLive, a Mac application that offers many of the Xbox Live web features and adds notifications through Growl. It’s slightly rough around the edges just yet, but looks like it’s headed in the right direction. OK, now you can throw the stones….