Founders Jump off SunRocket’s VoIP Ride

In the world of startups, having founders leave the company after it gets big is rarely a surprise. Entrepreneurs, after all, typically don’t do well once processes become more important than innovation, so when the adult supervision is in place, they either move into the chairman chair or depart entirely.

But news earlier this week of the departure of Joyce Dorris and Paul Erickson, the remaining co-founders at VoIP service provider SunRocket may be a sign of something else, since it’s a stretch to call the company a success. Fiscally they may be OK since SunRocket scored a $33 million C round last Fall (bringing total investment to $80 million), but you wonder who is steering the ship now that the original minds behind it have hit the ejector seat.

Since we don’t know SunRocket all that well, we will reserve judgement about how much the departures of the MCI veterans Dorris and Erickson may or may not harm the company’s future. Most research numbers give SunRocket a small (~4 percent) share of the independent VoIP market, with 128,000 subscribers according to ISP Planet. We have a message in to the company, and will add more if we hear more.