Browsegoods, a new shopping experience

Browsegoods, a new shopping site, from Cambridge, MA-based start-up, Dotted Pair, has jumped into the increasingly crowded online shopping space, betting that their shopping experience is going to trump their competitors. They call their service, “visual shopping.”

browsegoods.jpg“Most sites make a user scroll through 10 product listings and then hit the ‘next’ button. This is fine if the user knows exactly what he is looking for, but is terrible for browsing,” writes Brian Smith, an online shopping expert, and points out, that Browsegoods “is very similar to the offline shopping experience where the store has organized products into different departments, then different aisles, then different shelves, then finally different sections on those shelves.”

I kinda agree – the UI is pretty interesting and optimized for a broadband shopping experience. They have effectively harnessed the power of AJAX. Their zoom-and-find ability is pretty cool. Take a look. The only dumb thing about the site – it thinks Camino is not cool enough for their service.