It’s Official: Google Buying Adscape

In-game advertising, while a sore spot for some people, is big business nowadays. Since more and more people are getting broadband and, once that happens, playing a lot of casual games, there’s ample opportunity to make them watch clips about Mountain Dew. Not wanting to be left out, Google has agreed to purchase in-game advertising firm, Adscape, for $23 million.

Last month, the news leaked that Google was interested in purchasing Adscape so that they could bring their brand of advertising to games. Now, with this agreement, Google has made it official, but will it do them any good? According to Red Herring, Adscape, while having a few interesting employees (Bernie Stolar and Chris Gilbert from SEGA), isn’t exactly setting the in-game advertising world on fire since they haven’t, well, announced any clients or anything. Of course, that could change now that Google is in the house, but will Google’s ad structure really be useful in the business of games?