Joost for Mac beta is out now

A few weeks back, the Venice Project aka Joost team had opened up an early alpha version of their peer to peer TV client for some of GigaOM/NewTeeVee users, and seeking their feedback on how to improve the software. Well, you all seem to have done a good job. The company has just announced the beta version of their Mac client. Update: the Mac beta has been temporarily pulled, with a re-release coming soon.

…. we were able to leverage both the tremendous work done by the Client team for the Windows version as well as the cross-platform power of Mozilla. As a result, we have a Mac version that looks very much like Joost for Windows, while behaving very much like a Mac application.

In an interview earlier this year the CEO Fredrik de Wahl had explained how easy it was for the company to port their client to other operating environments. He had promised a Mac client in less than two months.

A couple of things to note: I have not tested this beta as yet, because I am currently traveling and won’t be back in my home office up until next week. So please share your impressions with rest of us. It works only on Intel Macs, so Power PC-based system owners are out of luck for now.