Indian bloggers Mad at Yahoo

Last week there was a fracas about Yahoo launching a Digg-inspired features, upsetting Digg users. Now it seems the online media giant has upset another bunch, who are alleging plagiarism .

Yahoo recently launched a Malayalam language portal, and the content features blog posts from various blogs by Malayalam language bloggers. Santhosh Pillai wrote to us and said,

“Recently Yahoo! India launched a Malayalam Language Portal (along with other Indian languages), but they copied content from many Malayalam bloggers which were protected under Creative Common Licensing. None of the bloggers were contacted and it was a rude shock to us that giants like Yahoo! would do this.”

A detailed report outlining what happened is available here. The group has been trying to get the problem resolved but they seem be getting bounced from Yahoo Corporate to Yahoo India and around and around. However, Yahoo may not be to blame. The problem may lie with Webdunia, which is a content provider to Yahoo, and might actually have been the one to crawl and scrape the content off these blogs.