Digg to support OpenID

OpenID, the open decentralized user centric digital identity platform is getting big awfully fast. A few days after AOL announced its support for the system, Digg, the San Francisco-based social news website is looking to jump on the bandwagon, and start supporting OpenID.

While OpenID got a big boost from AOL, the identity system has benefited from early support by small Web 2.0 start-ups. Six Apart, Technorati, Magnolia

Kevin Rose, co-founder of Digg, is about to make this announcement at The Future of Apps conference sometime later today and will be giving out more details. The support is likely to be in place later this year, Rose said. We did not talk long enough to fill in the gaps but will update the story in a few hours. Those pesky intercontinental roaming charges are not good for a long telephone interview.