Task acknowledgment once and once only: I think it’s time

Outlook_logoAs I move between multiple devices, I’ve come to realize many efficiencies. There’s something to be said for using a hosted Exchange server and having access to all of my e-mail on two Windows Mobile phones, a UMPC, a convertible Tablet PC and a dual-boot desktop with XP and Vista. Yup, all of my mail, contacts, appointments and tasks are up to date on each of those devices. Sounds like nirvana, right?

It would be except for one teensy, tiny issue in the Outlook Calendar across all of these devices: appointment reminders. All of these reminders pop-up on the client side on each and every client device I use. I previously knew this, but got a nice refresher when I booted into XP on the desktop for the first time in five weeks. Once I opened up Outlook, my data synched up without issue, just as it should. And then came the reminders. Ugh!

I realize that these reminders are acted upon at the client level, but I think we’re ready for synchronized reminders on the server side. I know I am: are you? Note: if I’ve overlooked a setting here in Outook 2003 or 2007, someone just let me know: 20 reminders this morning was about 19 more than I was ready for! 😉 Perhaps there’s an Exchange setting for this? I understand I may be in the minority here with multiple devices, but I suspect more folks will fall into the multiple device category before too much longer; isn’t the UMPC a companion device?