Netvibes2Go, Pretty Good Actually

Netvibes, the Paris-based personalized home page service, has started offering a mobile version called Netvibes2Go. The service lets users access some of the more useful Netvibes modules – iCal, GMail, AOL Mail, To-Do Lists and few more – on a mobile phone.

The set-up is pretty easy: create a tab in Netvibes called “Mobile,” and drop in some of these modules. Configure the individual services by entering your usernames and passwords – and you are good to go. It shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes.

Since I don’t have any Motorola or LG/Samsung phones sitting around, I can’t say if it works on those phones or not. However, it worked rather well on my Nokia devices and Blackberry Pearl. No problems in rendering and reading. This is a clever idea because it takes out the pesky task of entering username-password combos for different services, especially on the non-qwerty devices.

Here is a very good review/overview of the service.