A Launcher Shootout

If you’re a fan of Quicksilver or Launchbar, undoubtedly you’ve had the debate over which is king. If this has ever been the case, you may be interested to check out the blog dedicated to Quicksilver or Launchbar being the better launcher apps for OS X. With the minor exception of a lack of TAB Quicksilver coverage within, the points being made a pretty good ones. At the very least it makes for an interesting read about the 2 top dogs (although Butler should probably be included as well to round it out) in the category.

I’m sure most of the readers of The Apple Blog know that I’m quite taken with Quicksilver. But I did give Launchbar a try back in the day to make sure I wasn’t missing a better product. At that time it just didn’t stack up. Perhaps it does today, but at this point I’m too far gone with Quicksilver to change away. So that’s where I stand. But the debate can definitely be a bitter one if you let yourself get caught-up in it.