VoIP: is Windows Mobile second fiddle to Symbian?

FringAfter reading this post by Matt Miller, I’m starting to think maybe so! Since I’ve used Pocket PC / Windows Mobile devices almost exclusively for seven years, I realize my perceptions might be jaded. It’s all too easy to get your perspective locked into a hardware or software platform, which is why I recently ordered my Mac Book Pro. Now Matt has me seriously thinking of borrowing a Series 60 device just to broaden my horizons!

From a VoIP standpoint, I’ve used Skype on Windows Mobile every now and then. There aren’t too many other options for me. Matt, however, has a bunch of choices on his Series 60 devices: Fring, Gizmo Project and TruPhone. Each has its own pros and cons; after reading up on Matt’s experiences, TruPhone looks appealing due to its feature set and recent support addition for Google Talk.

Matt says "While web surfing via WiFi on a mobile phone is enjoyable because it is faster than the EDGE speeds I get with my carrier, the "killer" application for WiFi on a mobile phone is VoIP". Some of you might say, "why is VoIP a killer feature on a phone when you can just make phone calls" but I see Matt’s point if you travel a bunch and want to keep that cellular bill down. Is anyone using mobile VoIP software on a regular basis? What are you using and how is the experience for you?

Update: on a related note, GigaOm reports that Gizmo Project just added voice support for Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, Jabber and Google Talk! VoiP + IM = productivity!