Harrison Cops to PS3 Mistakes and Talks About Future

In a recent interview with N’Gai Croal of Newsweek, Phil Harrison, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios, admits that there have been some problems with the way Sony has gone about the PS3 launch. “We did a very bad job between E3 2006 and the media event in October,” said Harrison, but he’s confident about the future. With such releases as Heavenly Sword, Lair and MotorStorm on the horizon, he may have a point.

Harrison’s candid interview responses are always refreshing as compared to the patent nuttiness of Ken Kutaragi, so it’s no surprise to hear that Harrison is disappointed in the way that Sony handled the PS3 between E3 and launch. However, what does come as a surprise is a statement he makes about the disconnect between the engineering department at Sony and everyone else. When N’Gai asks Harrison about the disparities between the PSP and PS3, and how each seems to have different options though they both look the same, Harrison shared some of his personal confusion:

I think that’s a very fair comment. And I share that frustration. Because there are times when I get a firmware upgrade, and I’m like, “Oh. I didn’t know we were doing that.” That’s my fault for probably being on an airplane too much, but if I’m experiencing that in a tiny little way, it’s going to be amplified even more for somebody like yourself, or a consumer.

Though a touch disconcerting, it’s always nice to know that the man behind PS3 software is also a little confused by mystery updates on the PS3. Maybe, once some more games come out and we see a slight price change, the PS3 will start becoming a serious factor. As for now, it’s a very cool Blu-ray player. Check out the full interview on Level Up.