Oscar Academy: Go back to school

If you sat through the too-long, too-boring narcissist display of Hollywood’s utter lack of creative imagination this past Sunday, aka the Oscars 2007, you know there is no way you want to watch the self congratulatory drivel ever again.

All you want to do is watch the good bits – like Ellen’s monologue, Beyonce’s rump shaking moves and just maybe Martin Scorcese’s heartfelt words of thanks. And a lot of people did – on YouTube. (Maybe because those clips were not available on ABC.com and Oscars.com)

Instead of being glad that people (the same people who pay for their over the top lifestyles by watching movies) wanted to see some of the clips, The Academy of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences today asked YouTube to remove the clips.

Don’t they realize that these clips are like milk left on the counter top for too long, and will go sour soon? Don’t they realize that in this era when people are short on time, the three-hour overproduced crap that passes off as the Oscars broadcast is not needed?

Why blame the people for putting short clips on YouTube, and why take them down now? The question is why didn’t either the Academy or ABC offer the clips themselves – thus losing out on potential advertising dollars? Why not work with YouTube and give people what they want?

For an industry group that has “Sciences” as part of their name, the Academy is pretty clueless about the technologies that are changing their world, and is slow in adapting to the new reality – YouTube is what the new generation watches, it is massive and it grows with or without the old media’s approval.

(via Variety)