Sony Cybershots getting HDTV output cable

Sony_dsct100Three words: "It’s about time!". At this point, I wonder why most, if not all relatively new digital cameras don’t have a way to connect to a high-definition television set. Here’s why: at the highest HDTV standard, your television picture is about 2.1 million pixels per frame. You can do the math using the resolution of 1920 x 1080 if you want.

How many digital cameras on the market have a sensor more than 2.1-megapixels? I’d say the vast majority, so why not give ’em the right output and cable? Sony is doing just that according to Infoworld. A $41 cable, the VMC-MHC1 will connect new Cybershots to an HDTV set via the component inputs after it hits the streets on March 9th. Supported Cybershot models include: DSC-T100 (shown), T20, W200, W90, W80, H7 and H9.