CompUSA’s closing stores- good deals to be found

Compusa logoCompUSA announced this week they are shuttering over 50% of their retail stores in the US, much to the dismay of geeks everywhere.  I decided to swing by my local CompUSA to see if they are one of the stores closing and got my answer before I even pulled into the parking lot.  They’d hired a guy to stand out at the street holding a big sign that said “Everything in the store up to 20% off”.  Yep, sure enough they are closing my local branch down.  I asked one of the workers when they are closing and he said they don’t know, they’ll keep open until everything in the store is gone.  I looked around and everything is pretty much 10 – 20% off so if you’re looking for some pretty good deals check your local CompUSA and see if it’s shutting down.