Japanese Mobile Use Increases Still More

A recent survey by technical solutions provider Nepro IT Co has found that Japanese usage of mobile phones has increased even further, according to AFP. The survey found that of “Japanese aged 20 to 40, some 16 percent say they spend three to five hours a day on their mobiles. Nine percent use their phones for five to 10 hours — and four percent spend even more than 10 hours a day.” That’s 29 percent of the 20-40 age group spending more than three hours a day on their phone…a year ago the figure was 25 percent.
Only 16 percent of Japanese youth say they only use their mobile phones for talking and sending SMS… for 40 percent online shopping was the most popular service, while 38 percent said they most enjoyed downloading music (a figure which would have most operators around the world salivating). Two thirds of mobile users in Japan have 3G handsets.