Vista shadow copies- not just for breakfast anymore

413RestoringAShadowI lost all my recent OneNote notes due to a stupid blunder.  The jkOnTheRun community responded (and are still responding) with good backup suggestions that I am going to consider to prevent this from happening again.  Reader Ryan Kabir left a comment and sent me an email with the two words that I’ll never forget– Vista’s shadow copies.  OK, that’s three words but you’ll have to forgive me as I am as giddy as one can be without chemical influence.  Ryan’s comment pointed out correctly that in Vista, shadow copies are activated by default (at least I didn’t specifically enable them) which means the OS saves snapshots of user files when they are modified.  I’ve just spent 30 minutes, the most fun I’ve had in a good while, recovering EVERY SINGLE OneNote file that had been overwritten. Every. Single. File.

Vista and Ryan have come to my rescue and I am now grinning like the village idiot with all of my notes back where they were before catastrophe struck.  Big shout out to the Vista team for putting shadow copies into the OS for just such an emergency.  And all I can say to Ryan is– I love you man!