Activision Acquires DemonWare

DemonWare, Dublin based middleware provider, has been purchased by Activision. DemonWare software has been used in multiple Activision games, most recently including Call of Duty 3. Citing the desire to speed up development time and provide a more solid base for Activision’s multiplayer titles, Mike Griffith, CEO of Activision, announced the purchase earlier today.

DemonWare brings two specific products to the market, Matchmaking+ and State Machine, which provide a more stable console multiplayer experience. What does this say about Activision’s intentions? There’s, of course, the argument to be made that since they use DemonWare so much that it’s just cheaper to purchase the company after a certain point, but to get your investment back you either have to sell those services or be planning to make enough use of them to offset your cost. Either way, it seems to be a good investment considering how much business DemonWare seems to get.