China Bans the Internet Cafe for 2007

What Americans don’t usually have any sort of perspective on is the proliferation of Internet cafes in Asia. Internet cafes are shops that people can go into and buy time on a computer for whatever they want, which is often Internet gaming. With the sheer amount of games coming out of China these days, you would think that more users is a good thing. China, however, doesn’t, and has issued a ban on allowing new Internet cafes to be built in 2007.

Citing issues of teenaged Internet addiction and rape and robbery at the goading of violent games, 14 Chinese bureaus got together and issued a directive to not allow any new Internet cafes to be built in China in 2007. Which, honestly, shouldn’t be that big of a deal if you consider that the Chinese government has already estimated that 113,000 Internet cafes already exist. Add this to the already bizarre limitation of World of Warcraft play time and you have some very unhappy gamers.