Ilium NewsBreak 2.0 review: Pocket PC Louisville

NewsbreakWindows Mobile news and reviews are still kickin’ down in Louisville! Case in point: Matt Coddington just shot me a note about his review of NewsBreak 2.0 at Pocket PC Louisville. Looks like Ilium added solid podcast support, Windows Live integration and more to this Windows Mobile RSS reader application. Matt also likes the better support for one-handed navigation, as well as the ability to mark single items as read; previously, you could only mark an entire feed as read. If you hurry, you can purchase NewsBreak 2.0 for only $7.95; after March 15th, it jumps back up to the normal $19.95 price. For eight bucks, it looks like a winner to me but you could always get the free 30-day trial and see for yourself. Hey Matt, I could be biased, but I’m really liking the screenshots of your feeds! 😉