Freshen Up Your Invoicing with Basecamp-Freshbooks Integration

Invoicing through your Basecamp projects just got a whole lot fresher. FreshBooks, the online invoicing and time tracking tool, has just announced that they have integrated with Basecamp.

The new integration will offer increased productivity with users of Basecamp having the ability to invoice projects directly through their FreshBooks account. FreshBooks picked two workflow scenarios that should meet the most important needs of 80% of users. The first system integration from Freshbooks is the ability to generate invoices based on time entries or To-Do lists. Project importing is the second integration. This allows Basecamp projects to become FreshBooks projects; To-Dos in Basecamp become tasks in FreshBooks.

FreshBooks’ new build certainly sounds like it will speed up the process of invoicing, while streamlining Basecamp users’ invoicing tasks. Things look pretty straightforward to set up through the Freshbooks interface.

You can check out a few screencasts of both cases here: