A Digg Army of a Million

A miiiiillion users…. screams the headline of a post by Kevin Rose, the co-founder of social news site, Digg.com. A million might be a reason to celebrate (and we all love a good party), but it is also time to ask the question: only a million!

Given how much influence Digg has had on the whole media space – everyone from the might The New York Times to Washington Post to lowly folks like us have added a Digg This button – I had thought the number of Digg users would be much higher. Much much higher, justifying close to $11.5 million in venture investment.

Now, I love Digg like any other geek, but one has to wonder how many of these “one million” users are duplicates or fake accounts. A million-user mark is also a sign that Digg has a long way to go before it overcomes its geeky roots and not be another TiVo.

All right Kevin, time to get back to work. Don’t let me catch you at some Web 2.0 party!

Photo by Thomas Hawk, hosted on Flickr