Google’s Video Ads, many CPMs To Go

There is a lot of talk this morning that Google is going to be partnering with Dish Network and cable companies and will try and deliver targeted video advertising to those media outlets. While it is a good idea for the company to expand outside its web-only domain, it is a long way from becoming a reality. These are just experiments, and like most experiments they have an equal chance of succeeding or failing. Spotrunner shouldn’t worry just yet!

Google’s radio and print ad efforts haven’t exactly set the world on fire. And of course their own Adwords-platform is far from being a slam dunk. Haven’t you seen those dumb yoga-blood pressure ads show up on my site? Unless Google has access to my medical records, I am not sure how they are “targeted” for our content. As my mom says, learn to make tea before trying to make curry!

Enuff said! It’s good to get excited about Google’s efforts, but lets not get blinded by them either.