Jenn gives me the finger, I mean, the thumb!

Peperpad3_boardOh, I just couldn’t help that title! Jenn has definitely one-upped my "Thumb-boards: is there really a need on UMPCs?" post with an awesome, ten reason rebuttal post. This is why I love the blogosphere: you get solid, rational discussion on key topics. Jenn: thumbs-up from me on a great post!

I think the difference is my point of view with so many others is highlighted in her very first point when she says, "The UMPC’s target audience is not the Tablet PC enthusiast." After watching the UMPC market slowly evolve, I’d begrudgingly say she’s probably correct. However, I’d like to believe that the Tablet PC platform isn’t just for enthusiasts. Yes, it’s currently a niche platform and that’s a tragic shame in my opinion. My hope was that the UMPC device class would expand the usage of the Tablet functionality, which explains why I personally don’t want a thumb-board on my device. In any case: BRAVO Jenn! 🙂