RIP Democracy, Hello Miro

It’s just a name change, but it should go a long way toward eliminating confusion from those who thought a video player called Democracy had anything to do with government. Instead, it was only meant to be a player of the people, for the people… well, nevermind. It’s gonna be called Miro from here on in, and soon there will be new icon, logo, etc., all at this address. Though Jackson, on the ground in Austin, tells us that they were still handing out ‘Democracy’ t-shirts for their party with the Mozilla Foundation Monday at SXSW.

So now the open source, multi-platform podcast client with integrated video player, program guide and BitTorrent support (whose new upcoming features Jackson covered previously) will be called Miro. Why? According to the company blog:

But the name also confused a huge number of potential users. In all our debates about whether you could call something ‘Democracy’ and how people would react to the name, we hadn’t realized that so many people would simply assume that the software was for politicians and videos about politics. We hear this response over and over, and it’s a real limitation to our user base. So we’re changing the name to Miro.

So now they’re going to think it’s nothing but content about surrealist painters. Maybe, a bigger user base.